One of FREASCO’s assumptions is that the numerous actions carried out throughout the school and university contexts of the territories involved (seminars, training activities, workshops, communication campaigns, and so on) are not based on a prior understanding of the existing situations and factors that affect their target. Proposing a “”standard”” training module to teachers in various schools (by profile, geographical area, social and cultural context of reference, and so on), who will then have to transfer the skills learned in their teaching models, for example, can have unforeseeable consequences if not properly monitored and contextualized.

After assessing the needs of each target group, the secondary objective of the project is to transmit, share, and distribute information and skills on sexual harassment, sexual violence, and harassment in schools.

The capacity building activities will start on January 2022 and are targeted on the following profiles:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Staff & Teachers
  • Students

from Italy, Estonia, France & Greece.

The capacity buildings include activities like focus groups, group meetings, feedback sessions, and through these activities:

  • Schools and universities and their staff involved in the project will be tested through the use of the online self-assessment to analyze the needs and to plan the development of programs to develop and sustain the capacity.
  • Students will be interviewed in order to identify the needs in terms of awareness, knowledge and experience and to implement a personalized capacity building activity.