The database serves as an online directory composed by examples of best practice realized in order to prevent sexual harassment, homophobia in the educational setting. The database is based on input from the project partners and a scoping review of published peer-reviewed literature. Currently, the FREASCO Database contains 179 examples of best practices from Europe and globally. The following countries are represented: Australia, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, USA.  

The best practices range from 2010 to 2021 and the type of resources include: tools, guidelines, publications, and projects, whereby one best practice may have more than one type of resource included.  

The target groups to date include teachers, universities, schools, public bodies and researchers. 

The FREASCO Database will be linked to the FREASCO Self-assessment Tool so that an educational staff persons will complete the tool, and based on the results, will receive a tailored output of best practices that would be helpful for improving the particular educational setting to prevent or manage sexual harassment, homophobia in their setting.