The FREASCO methodology focuses on analyzing existing and useful tools to combat gender-based stereotypes and their possible consequences, such as sexual harassment and homophobic violence, within educational institutions targeting young students aged 15 to 24, as well as developing new tools to meet the needs of the target groups. In today’s world, quantitative analyses, as well as data collection and relative monitoring, are rather thorough and well-organized; however, qualitative screening looks to be haphazard and non-standardized.

The FREASCO methodology fills this need by emphasizing stereotype as a distinct issue. In addition to raising awareness of the problem, the proposed methodology includes a qualitative self-assessment instrument to determine how much the gender-based stereotype and its violent repercussions influence and alter the attitude of schools and institutions.

The proposed standard technique, in particular, leads to the measurement of the intensity rate of such an issue through the use of qualitative indicators that act as a sexism thermometer. The self-assessment organizational procedure will specifically aim to:

  1. evaluating the effectiveness of internal processes and related support structures in place to prevent and combat gender-based violence;
  2. monitoring of and evaluating the progress made in addressing sexism, sexual harassment, and homophobic violence;
  3. establishing a baseline;
  4. identifying important issues and gaps;
  5. proposing approaches to dealing with problems, as well as new and more successful tactics;
  6. documenting good practices for preventing gender-based violence

2021/12/31 16:52:19